Entrenadores de las escuelas sociodeportivas en 8 países comparten experiencias on line

Coaches from socio-sporting schools in eight countries share experiences in online session

NEWS | 09/09/2021

Foundation Match is a training initiative based on the education in values methodology.
Coaches, educators, monitors and coordinators from the socio-sporting schools in Honduras, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Equatorial Guinea, Peru, Argentina and Spain have come together to take part in the Foundation Match online training workshop. This session enabled attendees to share experiences regarding the Real Madrid Foundation's educational methodology as it is applied in various countries and in reference to groups who are at risk from exclusion and otherwise.

On this occasion and following the events featuring coaches based in Asia and Africa, the Foundation Match events was held for Spanish-speaking coaches and educators who are involved in the projects run in conjunction with the Fundación Diunsa, Valores y Deporte, Grupo Bafar, Ayuda en Acción, Alalay, Misiones Salesianas, Martin Luther King and Ntra. Sra. de Luján. These coaches were joined by the coaches from the socio-sporting basketball schools in Spain.
Adaptability of Foundation's activities
This workshop event allows the coaches to share strategies about how to transmit values through sport and represents a key element within the coaches' continuous development. Despite the fact that the circumstances in each country are vastly different, the adaptability of the Foundation's activities resulted in many queries being resolved. In addition, participants are able to share good practice and establish new challenges for the season ahead in terms of strategies in practice, related conduct and the tools used by the coaches to foster the values of respect, quality and motivation in the training sessions run by the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting schools.