Los 3 valores madridistas que nos dejan los JJOO: Trabajo en equipo

Real Madrid values reflected in the Olympic Games: teamwork

NEWS | 18/08/2021

A quote from Alfredo Di Stéfano provides inspiration for this value: "No player is as good as all individuals put together".
One of the many lessons that the Olympic Games have taught us is teamwork, which has always been an important part of Real Madrid's success. The Tokyo Games were held during a pandemic, and the fact that they were held at all was a great success in terms of these values.
Here are some of the highlights and examples put into practice in the activities of the Real Madrid Foundation:
People who feel comfortable as part of a team work with higher motivation and this is reflected in positive results. The white card is an educational tool that is given to players who have performed exemplary actions and, depending on the categories, it can be handed out by teammates, opponents, coaches or even families. Taking on a role of responsibility helps in working towards a common goal.
Respecting the ideas of others enables us to share our own knowledge more readily. The Foundation's programmes analyse how individual actions can help or hinder teammates in order to find ways for the team to help each player reach their potential to the best of their abilities. 
Speaking to your teammates creates effective opportunities for interaction and helps to resolve possible conflicts. In order to create suitable communication opportunities, all of the Foundation's training sessions end with a reflection session where the participants evaluate what was most noteworthy or could be improved during the day.

The videos on the Sport Values Academy platform feature activities that help to put the value of teamwork into practice.

The Real Madrid Foundation's collaborators are also well aware of this and an example of teamwork can be seen in the current involvement of the UEFA Foundation for Children, a supporter of numerous projects and its support for the Unite Against Hate campaign to combat bullying on social media.
Its general secretary, Urs Kluser, said: "It is all too common for young people to be the target of hateful and abusive messages on social media and it is our duty to stand up for them. Thanks to the insights provided by BT Sport, young people have access to real tools that teach them how to detect these situations and how to respond, including how to be more aware of their actions and how to lead by example". This work shows once again that everyone's collaboration is essential to overcome this battle.
The Sport Values Academy platform provides practical examples of how to introduce teamwork into training sessions with the help of these videos:
Camaraderie through communication: Real Madrid's Under-15s coaches Gonzalo Cuenca and Juanjo Crespo use an exercise to show that, as well as improving human relations from an educational standpoint, camaraderie contributes to boosting a team's performance.
Help me out teammate!: Using an exercise you can see how teamwork and communication are key to developing team spirit.