Más de 200 menores participaron en los clinics de la Fundación en Canadá

Over 200 children attended the Foundation's clinics in Canada

NEWS | 10/08/2021

These events were held for the first time in the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec in collaboration with Kaptiva Sports.
The Real Madrid Foundation clinics, run in collaboration with local partner Kaptiva Sports, programmed for this summer in Canada, were a huge success. Throughout July, some 200 children from four of the country's main cities had the opportunity to benefit from an experience involving technical improvement through training sessions with professionals from the Foundation.
After Toronto was the first city to host the clinics, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec followed suit. In these four intense weeks, several training sessions were run with the aim of promoting healthy sporting habits through sport while improving the skills of both the players and coaches using the unique methodology developed by Real Madrid and the Foundation. These sessions also helped to enhance team tactics and the enjoyment of football.
Kaptiva Sports
Over the coming seasons, the aim is to consolidate this programme in Canada alongside Kaptiva Sports, who the Real Madrid Foundation has been working with since 2018 in the United States. Kaptiva is a highly recognised partner that has run 16 clinics in 15 cities this summer with more than 1,100 participants.