III Jornadas on line de fútbol y valores para las escuelas de la Fundación y CESAL en México

III Online Football and Values Conference for the schools run by the Foundation and Cesal in Mexico

NEWS | 18/01/2021

The coaches involved work with more than 200 children in two projects in collaboration with Crecemos-DIJO.
A dozen coaches and educators from the social sports schools organised by the Real Madrid Foundation and Cesal in Oxaca and Unión Hidalgo (Mexico) attended the 3rd Online Conference on Football and Values to learn more about the Real Madrid Foundation's educational methodology. The projects, developed by the Crecemos-Dijo partner, help two hundred children at risk of exclusion.
The training course was also available to teachers from other areas, nutritionists and the basketball coaches from the two social sports schools where both football and basketball in values are taught as part of wider social interventions. The coaches were actively involved in the sessions and activities throughout the day, focusing on the design of football tasks for the inclusion of values in the session and in each task.
Planning and organisation
This approach helps educators to prepare and plan training sessions by focusing on the learning of values in a consistent and progressive way. The planning and organisation of the content is one of the cornerstones of the methodology used by the Foundation For a REAL education: Values and Sport, in order to integrate education in values in each session so that those involved take advantage of integrated projects to improve their lives and their future.