La escuela sociodeportiva de la Fundación en Líbano arranca la nueva temporada

The Foundation's socio-sporting school in Lebanon kicks off the new season

NEWS | 24/09/2020

The project with Fratelli serves more than 350 minor Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees.
The Real Madrid Foundation social-sports project in the Lebanese city of Rmeileh, which is being carried out together with the Fratelli project, has returned to activity to serve minor Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees. In this first stage, more than a hundred beneficiaries have returned with great enthusiasm to continue their comprehensive training, which includes football and its values as part of their education. This third season also sees the increased presence of girls in football training.
Due to the pandemic, health prevention measures have been taken, such as dividing classes into two groups so that there are no more than 18 present. Social distancing rules, distribution of hygiene products and constant disinfection of the class and play spaces have also been implemented. During the confinement period, they worked on the distribution of food and nappies for the younger ones. In addition, the training sessions were carried out online so that the minors could continue doing sports at home. One of the values that was worked on the most was respect for the environment, teaching the idea of recycling in the socio-sports school, and which has been very well accepted for the future.
Fratelli Project
In addition to the effects of the pandemic, the recent explosion in the port of Beirut has made the work of the Fratelli project essential. This comprehensive project that arises from the association of the Marist brothers and the Lasallian brothers includes - in addition to education and sports - psychological support, work with families, school support classes and recovery programmes for the elderly in language, literature and maths.