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Zidane: "We know that if we go out and start strongly, and play with intensity we can do well"

NEWS | 17/06/2020

"We have ten games left and we are only thinking about doing our best to win them", he said at a virtual press conference.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media at a virtual press conference from Real Madrid City. The coach analysed the matchday 29 game against Valencia, at the Alfredo Di Stefano (Thursday, 10pm CEST): "A very good and strong opponent is coming and they'll make it difficult for us. We want to put in a good performance and continue with what we did the other day. We're at home, we want the three points and we're going to do everything to win the game".
"If we go out and start strongly, and play with intensity we can do well. We know our strengths and we have the quality to start strong and settle in to the game as soon as possible. Then there's the opposition that also look to cause you problems during the game and we have t be ready for that".

The win against Eibar
"We've had games where we started very strongly and scored two or three goals in half an hour. Then it becomes difficult for us to maintain this level throughout the game, as happened with Eibar. It wasn't a lack of anything. I can be upset and that's normal because I'm the coach, but what happens in the dressing room stays there. I ended up happier with the first half and that's it".

"We know it's a very competitive and difficult league. Against the teams below you have to battle and fight all the time. I have emotions and when things don't work out the way you want, you can be upset, but it's a part of football and you have to accept it. The good thing is that we scored three goals in the first half and I'm taking with that away. We'll improve the second half because we have matches ahead of us to do that". 

Training time
"We're going to play the next four games at 10pm. I thought it was important to have a training session at about the same time as the match. It was important to get used to that and also to get used to the light".

"You asked me the other day. There's a timetable and we will adapt. Whether I'm upset or not, that's the way it is. It's not going to change anything. There are no excuses. We have ten games left and we're only thinking about doing our best to win every game. We're happy to be able to play football. You have to think positively. Let's all enjoy playing football".

We are experiencing a special time and everything is going to be special until the end of the season.

"We now know the format of the Champions League, but not where we will play the second leg against Manchester City. They will decide soon and if we have to play in Manchester we will play there and if it is in Lisbon, we will play there too. The most important thing is tomorrow's game and that's all we're thinking about. We have time to think about the Champions League. We have important matches in La Liga first".

Champions League
"The important thing is that we're happy to be able to play football and adapt to the situation. I don't think this format is bad at all. I like it, but in order to get into this we have to get past the round of 16. I also think it's good that it's done in 15 days, where everything will be decided, in the same place".

"He' s as good as ever. He's back like everyone else and he's happy to be able to play again. He had a bad back, so maybe he's not 100%. We're training well and thinking about the games ahead, like tomorrow. We're all focused on tomorrow's game".

"We've always had a good relationship. I'm the coach and he's a big player. We know who the player is, what he's done, and there's no before or after Kiev. It's not going to change anything about what I think of him and what he's done. I also can't control what you write every day of my relationship with him, but it's very normal".

"I'm happy because after a long time out, he was happy to play. This break has allowed him to come back to us and play. That's good and we know what a player he is. I'm just going to say that we should take advantage of his relationship with Benzema".

"We know what kind of player he is. He hasn't played much lately, but it doesn't mean anything. He's with us and I'm going to count on him soon. He's training well and we'll see when it's his turn to play. There are 23 of us and there is a high level, but I will count on all of them because we play every two or three days and after many days stopped it is difficult".

"We know what season he's having and I'm happy for him because he needed to get out there, play a lot of games. We're all happy with it".