Foro Luis de Carlos: Real Madrid de baloncesto

"Real Madrid basketball is a global icon"

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NEWS | 07/06/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

Clifford Luyk, Pablo Laso, Rudy Fernández, Willy Hernangómez and Emiliano Rodríguez were the stars of another Luis de Carlos Forum.
The Real Madrid Foundation organized another online edition of the Luis de Carlos Forum, this time under the title Real Madrid Basketball, a Universal Phenomenon. Clifford Luyk, Pablo Laso, Rudy Fernández, Willy Hernangómez and Emiliano Rodríguez were the stars of the event, which could be followed on the Real Madrid Foundation and Real Madrid basketball Facebook and YouTube profiles.
The first to speak was Pablo Laso, the current coach of the first team: "Talking about Real Madrid is talking about excellence. In addition to the titles and the victories, Real Madrid makes the people their own. Many players, like for example Clifford Luyk, end up making their lives after the sport in Madrid and that's because of the treatment the players and the coaching staff receive. The warmth of the fans and the greatness of this club create a symbiosis that makes Real Madrid very big".
The NBA and the figure of Fernando Martín
"Whenever we play NBA teams we play world-class players. This team has been able to compete at the highest level and I remember the game we won against Oklahoma. Seeing Real Madrid play at that level is a source of pride. Regarding Fernando Martin, he was ahead of his time and it is a matter of pride for Real Madrid that he was the first Spaniard to reach the NBA".

Rudy Fernández: "I have won a lot of titles and I hope we can continue like this"
"This is a great club for all that has been achieved over so many years. And that spirit is still there. I've been at Real Madrid for many years, winning a lot of titles and I hope we'll continue like this. This is a difficult time because of this pandemic and all kinds of foundations that try to help are essential to contribute that bit they can. The Foundation always tries to take the name of this club to the top".

Laso: "Talking about Real Madrid is talking about excellence".

"Portland and Real Madrid have a special relationship. There are club players like Sabonis, Fernando Martin, Sergio Rodriguez and myself who have played there. Fernando opened an unlikely door for us. The fact that he made the leap to the United States meant that we were able to position ourselves in such a competitive league".
Luyk: "Great players make Real Madrid's name stand out"
"What really makes the name of Real Madrid stand out around the world is the number of good players it has had, like Petrovic, Sabonis, Rudy or Doncic. Thanks to the latter, Real Madrid is now on everyone's lips in the United States".
"In the last few years we have returned to our origins and we are seeing a basketball more like the one we used to play when we won the first European Cups. The key has been to counterattack, which is very spectacular, and to have the fans in our pockets".
Emiliano Rodríguez: "The universality of the club has continued over time"
"Following in the footsteps of the football team, basketball began to be promoted by incorporating great international players such as Luyk, Brabender, Hightower and Aiken. Also thanks to great coaches such as Ferrándiz, Sainz or Luyk himself, this universality was achieved, which has continued over time. In recent times, Real Madrid has managed to reach a level of excellence".
Hernangómez: "Real Madrid is an NBA level team"
"Real Madrid is an NBA level team and always looks for the best players and for me it's the best team in Europe. It is a world icon, everybody knows it, and during these years Laso has made the most of all his rosters to win all the titles. What the madridistas feel for their team I haven't been able to see in the NBA".
"I was fortunate to arrive in the United States well prepared and ready to adapt so well. I achieved all this thanks to my time in a big club like Real Madrid. I was very happy both at the youth level and in the first team because there was always a feeling of family".
Online event
During the event, which had more than half a thousand fans and more than 30,000 reproductions on the available platforms, the fans were able to make donations to collaborate with the social and sports projects that the Real Madrid Foundation carries out through the payment gateways and crowdfunding tools. In addition, this edition of the Luis de Carlos Forum had the collaboration of the Palladium Hotel Group.