Entrevista Lucas Vázquez

Lucas Vazquez: "There are 11 finals left in LaLiga and I hope we can win them all"

NEWS | 01/06/2020

"We like to train with all our teammates together, enjoying the football", he said after the first group session.
Lucas Vazquez spoke to Realmadrid TV at the end of the first session of the week. The forward gave his impressions of the first training session in which Zidane was able to work with the whole group since March 11: "It's what we all like, training sessions in which we can all enjoy the football together. We're training to try and get into our stride for the start of the season".
"Football is made up of several factors, such as the physical side, which is very important, and the mental side. That combination of the two means that we can go into the league in good shape. Eibar is the starting point for the 11 finals we have left and hopefully we can record wins in every game until the end and win the LaLiga title.