Entrevista Courtois

Courtois: “I feel well prepared for what's to come”

NEWS | 29/05/2020

“We couldn't wait to get back to training and we're in good shape”, he said in an interview with UEFA's official media outlets.
Thibaut Courtois spoke to official UEFA media outlets to discuss the team's return to training following the period of quarantine. The goalkeeper explained: “We couldn't wait to get back to training and we're in good shape. The first week back was strange because we had to train individually but now these last couple of weeks we've been in small groups and we can do more. I don't feel like I've lost the feeling of the ball in my hands either. In the first session after two months out, I realised I hadn't lost it at all. So I'm feeling well prepared for what's to come".
“We're more or less back to training normally now and we're slowly getting back into shape physically, with a view to starting out on our final 11 games in the best possible fashion. I couldn't wait to see all my teammates and start training again. We're lucky enough now to have all the technology we do because if this had happened 25 years ago it would have been different”.
Training protocol
“There's a protocol we have to follow, and some of the things we aren't used to. We noticed that in the first week back, when we had the goalkeeper coach with us but he couldn't shoot at goal or even pass it. Things are strange at first but we've begun to adapt to them now”.

We're working towards starting off in the best possible fashion.

“Now we're training in groups, we've got shots on goal again and the outfield players can work on possession drills. The goalkeeper training has been the same as what I've been used to for my entire career. We can't wait to get that training ground banter back, the 11-a-side games, laughing all together. When we're able to move on to the next phase, we'll gradually get back to it, so we're just following the protocol for now”.
Training at home

"At home I was using the treadmill, my weights.... I'm lucky enough to have a garden so I could also exercise outside a bit, but it's never going to be the same".