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Madridismo reacts to the passing of Lorenzo Sanz

NEWS | 22/03/2020

“The madridistas won't forget him, he'll be with us always”, said Raúl.
Madridismo is in mourning following the death of Lorenzo Sanz. Players, coaches and other club legends have expressed their sadness at the loss of the man who was Real Madrid between 1995 and 2000. Raúl expressed his condolences on Realmadrid TV: “I'd like to express my deepest sympathies to the family and to all the madridistas. Lorenzo two passions in his life: his family, and Real Madrid. The madridistas won't forget him, he'll be with us always. He was such a warm, affectionate person. In trying circumstances, he won La Séptima and La Octava. He brought in wonderful players and began to build a team that brought so much joy to the fans. We will all remember him incredibly fondly”.

“For many players, Lorenzo was like a father. I was fortunate enough to meet his family, who are extraordinary people. That makes this situation especially cruel. As our president Florentino Pérez has said, we will pay a great tribute to him and he will always be with us at every match Real Madrid plays”.
Roberto Carlos: “Everything I achieved at Madrid was thanks to him”
“I'm sad to hear the news, but I speak about Lorenzo Sanz with great joy. We've lost a true great, a person who did so much for Real Madrid, not just the Champions League. He always showed such faith in his players, and that's why I speak about him so fondly. At such a sad time, I believe the best thing we can do is talk about everything he did for us, the players, the club and the fans. It's painful, but this wonderful personality and that great passion for the club lives on. I have to thank him for everything he has done, he made me one of the quickest signings of all time. It took ten minutes, he signed me up and everything I achieved at Real Madrid was thanks to him”.

Karanka: “A huge hug to the whole family”
“I'd like to send out a massive hug to his whole family, who made so many of us feel at home when we arrived all those years ago, and especially given the pain of losing a father in these circumstances, which make everything so much crueller. When I arrived at the club, I found myself surrounded by the huge names, the best in the world. When you come into that dressing room, you realise you're becoming part of a family. After spending five years at the club, you realise it was Lorenzo who made that change. He signed some huge players at a time we had to sell to survive and keep competing. When some of the biggest names left the squad, others came in, and that's how the European Cup in Paris was won. He and his family were beside us at all times”.

Sanchís: “He was very smart and built a successful team”
“We'd been trying to win the Champions League for a long time. The season of La Séptima didn't look like it'd finish on a positive note but we ended up winning the European Cup. Lorenzo was very smart because he made decisions to build a team that found success. He got everything right with the reinforcements he brought in”.

Hierro: “Lorenzo was a revolutionary”
“He was like a father. He brought together a generation of players that saw us win the Champions League. Thirty-two years on, we were able to win two European Cups when nobody thought Real Madrid could return to the pinnacle oin Europe. That was thanks to Lorenzo. He was a revolutionary with the players he brought in. He understood Real Madrid had to recover their greatness in Europe. We claimed two European Cups which took the club into another dimension on a worldwide scale, we have to recognise that”.

Morientes: "All the footballers said that he was like a father"
"He was the one who brought me to Real Madrid and I have been lucky enough to have a very good relationship with him thanks to the friendship with one of his sons, Fernando. All the footballers who have coincided with him said that he was like a father because he was very close. I'm very fond of him. During Lorenzo's time, two European Cups were won and we must remember him with a lot of love".
Iván Campo: "Lorenzo did a lot for Real Madrid"
"What I was able to experience with Lorenzo Sanz was very special. He took me into his home. Lorenzo's role in his family is that of a star who guided others. He did a lot for Real Madrid and won many titles in a short time. Everyone knows about his love for the club. His close relationship with the players helped us win the European Cup".
Alberto Herreros: "He was a charming person"
"It's a shame what has happened. I remember him as a great man, with a lot of affection. He was a very easy-going man and always worried about how things would go for you. He was very close. A lot of players went to his house because of their relationship with his son Lorenzo. We would talk a lot and he cared about us and our family, he was a lovely person".