Entrevista Llull

Llull: “That basket in the Copa final in Malaga was the most special one of my career”

NEWS | 12/02/2020

The man from Menorca looked back at Real Madrid's Copa in 2014 at the Martín Carpena, where they play their Copa game this week.
This week the basketball Copa del Rey comes to the Martín Carpena, Malaga, where Real Madrid were crowned champions in 2014 in an unforgettable final. Sergio Llull, who scored the last second winner fro the Whites, looked back at that momemnt prior to the competition starting up again: “It is a shot that I cherish, and it allowed us to win a Copa del Rey. It was a moment of real joy, an incredible moment”.

“There is not much preparation to make for that kind of shot, because it depends on what the opposition does. Sergio Rodríguez threw the ball up, and at the last second, he turned to see me in the corner, sent it over and I just did the easy thing. I improvised. It is probably the most special basket of my career because of what it meant. It won us a Copa in the last seconds, that kind of moment makes you a hero or a villain. It is a moment that I remember so fondly.”
“I still get goose bumps watching it back. It was perfect. I watched it back so many times after we won and I have also seen it in some of my highlight reels. At that time you don't process it all. The play happened so quickly and when it left my hands the only thing I wanted was for it to go in, and it did.
"When I let go, I released it well, but we were lucky that came off. When the clock is running down I always try to make myself available for the team if they need me and help out. It's part of my character, I always want to win and I try to do the best thing for the team.”
A special competition
“The Copa del Rey is special because it is played on the weekends, from Thursday to Sunday, and literally anything can happen. The eight teams are all there in the same city and it is a tournament with high intensity, no matter what you have done before getting to the tournament. I always go into it with real desire, knowing that you get great experience from it year after year. I can’t wait for it.”

The team are doing well and the important thing is thinking about the first day.

“I have won 5 Copas del Rey and each one had a special moment that I always remember. I think the team have done well in it recently. This year, after losing two of the last finals, we want to win it again”.

Good run of form
“The team are doing well, we are excited and raring to go. The important thing is thinking about the first day. We cannot think about the final ahead of time as we have the quarter-finals against Bilbao, and they beat us in the league so we'll have to be good to get to the semi-finals”.

“Winning a title gives you a boost. Winning the Copa is the first goal of the year and then you go on from there. When you feel weary, you remember you won the Copa del Rey and that boosts your energy to keep pushing on”.

His collection of nets
“I have a lot of nets and I want more when I retire. I cut the net in Malaga and it has a special place in my trophy room. I want to cut a lot more nets for this team”.

Support of the president and fans
“The president comes to see us after games and that is vital for us. He comes down to the dressing room on Sundays after the game. The fans support is key too. They are our sixth man and give us energy and the necessary motivation to do well and win titles”.