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Real Madrid C. F. sign collaboration agreement relating to labour risk prevention with UGT and Comisiones Obreras in relation to Santiago Bernabéu redevelopment

NEWS | 10/09/2019

This agreement will see the launch of a technical prevention consultancy service made up of specialists technicians from the union organisations.
Real Madrid have signed a collaboration agreement regarding labour risk prevention in relation to the redevelopment work being undertaken on the Santiago Bernabéu with the Federation of Industry, Construction and the AgroIndustry of the General Workers' Union (Unión General de Trabajadores) and the Federation of Construction and Services of the Workers' Committee (Comisiones Obreras).

Real Madrid have established optimum standards of health and safety as a top priority in the undertaking of the stadium redevelopment. This agreement is part of the activities aimed at strengthening the human and material resources relating to labour risk prevention. 
As a part of the aforementioned agreement, a technical prevention consultancy service, featuring specialist technicians from the unions, is set to be launched. Amongst other activities, this service will seek to boost awareness and the effective dissemination of the prevention regulations amongst employees and all others involved in the redevelopment work. Meanwhile, the service will inform and raise awareness of the need to comply with the safety regulations through a whole range of communication systems and will assist with the ongoing dissemination of a culture of prevention. 

The participation and collaboration of union organisations in the tasks of prevention and monitoring of health and safety conditions within the redevelopment work offers a level of specialised technical knowledge and validates the institutional commitment of all signing parties to labour risk prevention within this project.