Llull and Rudy, World Cup basketball champions

NEWS | 13/09/2019

Rudy and Llull for Spain and Campazzo, Laprovittola and Deck for Argentina played for the title.
LlullRudy, CampazzoLaprovittola and Deck, the five players are representing Real Madrid at the World Cup in China, played the final which saw Spain win 75-95.

Group stage
Spain-Tunisia (101-62)
Puerto Rico-Spain (63-73)
Spain-Iran (73-65)
Spain-Italy (67-60)
Spain-Serbia (81-69)
Spain-Poland (90-78)
Spain-Australia (95-88)
Argentina-Spain (75-95)

Rudy got 11 points and 10 rebounds while Llull got 15 points against Argentina.

Spain got to the final after beating Australia through two over times. Llull scored 17 points with two decisive threes in the dying minutes. Rudy scored 2 points, got 5 rebounds and got 3 steals to get the win.

Spain previously downed Poland in the quarter-finals to advance to the semis. Rudy, with 16 points, five straight treys and a PIR of 20, was central to the victory. Meanwhile, Llull sunk four points and dished five assists. The Mahón-born player produced a fine performance two days earlier against Serbia (nine points and three assists), a triumph that saw Spain clinch top spot. Rudy posted seven points. Against  Italy, both chipped in, with 11 points coming from the guard and 5 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists of the Balearic forward.

The Spanish team finished the first phase undefeated after beating Iran in the last match, with 9 points from Rudy and three from Llull. They also took part in the win against Puerto Rico with 9 points from the guard and 5 points and 6 assists from Rudy. In the World Cup opener against Tunisia, Llull stood out with 16 points, five assists and 17 PIR, while Rudy scored seven points and gave two assists.

Argentina-South Korea​ (95-69)
Nigeria-Argentina (81-94)
Russia-Argentina (61-69)
Argentina-Venezuela (87-67)
Poland-Argentina (65-91)
Argentina-Serbia (97-87)
Argentina- France (80-66)
Argentina-Spain (75-95)

Deck (24 points) Laprovittola (18) and Campazzo (11) were the stand out players for Argentina.

Argentina made it to the final after beating France in a great game for the madridistas. Campazzo (12 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists), Deck (13 points) and Laprovittola (7) were key as the Argentines booked a place in the final against Spain.

The Albiceleste downed Serbia in the last 8 courtesy of a masterclass from Campazzo (18 points, 12 assists and a PIR of 27). There were also standout performances from Deck (13 points and eight rebounds) and Laprovittola (eight). Argentina previously beat Poland to finish the second group stagr with nine points from Deck and seven apiece from Campazzo and Laprovittola. Deck was the star of the show against Venezuela, posting 25 points, alongside Campazzo (12 points and nine assists) and Laprovittola (nine points and seven assists).

In the last meeting of the group stage, the guard (21 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists) led Argentina in the last match of the group stage; Deck (5) and Laprovittola (4) also took part in the win. They were also key against Nigeria with Campazzo (14 points), Laprovittola (11) and Deck (10), and in the opener against South Korea, Laprovittola was the top scorer for his side (17 points), with great performance by Campazzo (11 points, 6 assists) and Deck (12 points).