Florentino Pérez ofreció la Decimotercera en la Iglesia de San Antón

Florentino Pérez took la Decimotercera to the church of San Antón

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NEWS | 31/01/2019 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Pedro Castillo

“Along with Father Ángel and his work we share values ​​that help guide Real Madrid”, claimed the president.
Florentino Pérez took the club’s thirteenth European Cup to the church of San Antón. The club president, who was met by Father Angel, took the trophy that the Whites won in final in Kiev to the Madrid parish which works in collaboration with Mensajeros de la Paz. In his speech, Florentino Pérez stated: "It is an honour for me to come back to the church of San Antón, the church I have come to my whole life. I studied here for 13 years and I am so proud that I can be here today with Father Angel in the name of solidarity and charity".
"This is the club’s thirteenth European Cup which brought joy to millions of Real Madrid fans all over the world. We all know how Real Madrid matches are appreciated here. This latest Champions League trophy belongs in the heart of all fans. Real Madrid is something that unites us and we have a goal every single season, to make our fans happy, to bring joy to those who dream of our club being victorious yet again."
"I would like to thank Father Ángel for let me share with him the emotions that we Madridistas are united by. Moreover, I want to express my deep admiration for this man, a man whose life has been spent helping others, especially those who need it most. He is the life and soul of this parish, a place which is open to everyone as a place for solidarity and hope to prosper."


"Father Ángel is a great example of life and he has set a precedent for others. I am so very grateful for the tireless charity work that he continues to do. Here at Real Madrid we really value this way of life, working solidarity with others. The Real Madrid Foundation has this same philosophy that we all hold dear across the continents in our 500 or so socio-sporting schools which help the children who live in really disadvantaged circumstances. Along with Father Ángel and his work we share values ​​that help guide Real Madrid when facing each and every challenge".
"We will leave a replica of the cup here so that Father Angel can look after it well and help us with his prayers to see if we can win our fourteenth European Cup. We have brought some gifts for the people who work here with Father Ángel, so they too remember that Real Madrid stands with them throughout their charity work".
Father Angel: "Thank you for the miracle of bringing the Champions League here"
"We want to thank the Real Madrid president for his generosity, this excitement and the fact that the cup is here. Thank you very much, Florentino, for coming to our church for the homeless, where you studied and had your first communion. We all watched football here together, we debated with each other and in the end we all embraced, thank you for never forgetting us and coming to see the poor people who need hope, those who struggle to survive every day. This church is never closed, our doors are open 24/7".
"Here on the TV we have all watched glorious games, exhausted ourselves with the finals. I just want to say thank you so much, Florentino. We want to give you this item that Pope Francis designed, it features a homeless man sleeping. Here at the church of San Antón, where you came as a child, we believe that only before God, before a child and before a homeless person do we get on our knees. Thank you, Florentino."