Rueda de prensa de Lopetegui

Lopetegui: “Athletic will force us to put in a complete performance”

NEWS | 14/09/2018 | Javier García

"It will be a tremendous match, in a fantastic stadium and against an opponent that has been waiting for us for 15 days", he added.
Julen Lopetegui appeared in the press room at the Real Madrid City after the last training session to prepare for the match against Athletic (Saturday, 8:45pm CEST). The coach spoke about the trip to San Mamés: "When there are international breaks we know what to expect. The players come back when they come back and we try to take advantage of the little time we have to focus on the league, which is the competition that we’re playing".
"We have a great match, nice, exciting and demanding in a fantastic stadium against an opponent that has been preparing for 15 days and waiting for us and we have to be ready for what awaits us to be able to come out on top".
"We expect a very good Athletic side, a team that will force us to put in a complete performance in order to beat them. They have prepared for the match very well, they have got players back in and they will surely force us to put in a big performance".
"The Roma match is coming up, but we’re only thinking about Athletic. You have to go in to games full of energy. We take in to account the circumstances that we’re in, but we’re look for the best way to win a very important game against Athletic".
LaLiga match in the United States
"I have already given my opinion and I’m not in favour of it happening. Every teams must play in the same grounds as that keep the competition even".
"I'm not surprised, he's a great footballer who is in his peak and at a good age and conditions. We want him to continue doing what he’s doing or even better. The players are the ones who play and overcome the difficulties we face".


"Bale has returned in great shape from the Wales matches. He played the last game on Sunday and had time to recover. I don’t like awards very much, but if there has to be an award, better that it’s for my players".
Guaranteed starters
"I’ve got 24 guaranteed starters in my squad, anyone could be a starter. We always look for the best options for each game. Obviously, as the games are played, there will be players who play more and others less. In my head I think that we have a balanced team prepared for a demanding season".
"He’s come back very well prepared and has seized his opportunity in pre-season. Hard work has it’s reward, he’s having a great start to the season. He now has to be consistent. Dani is on the right track".
"Marco has played a lot of minutes with us, both on the right and on the left. He’s got a lot of mobility and a great shot. That’s one of his big strengths".
"It's a personal decision. If he wants to train again, of course it's great news because he’s a great coach".
"We have players in lots of teams, not only in Spain. They’re all the same for us. We try to analyse how they are, the game we’ve got and, from there, we make decisions. The six players who were with Spain did very well. We’re happy that our players are happy. We cross our fingers so that they come back healthy and that's how it’s been, although some are more tired than others".