Real Madrid - PSG

Marcelo: ”We have to believe in ourselves”

NEWS | 14/02/2018

“We played well from the start to the end”, explained Modric.
Marcelo spoke to the press after Real Madrid's game against PSG. The full-back, who scored the third goal, stated: "We have to believe in ourselves, the goal was for Zidane because we're with him till the end. Football changes quickly, and we want to be better, but today was a special day and we're happy with the game we played”.

Modric: “We were up to the challenge”
“The result was good for us, we played well from start to finish and now we're contented. This was the first, we still have one to go, but the way we played tonight, we can beat anyone. Until now, this was probably the most important game of the season, it means a lot to us”.

“In every aspect of the game we were up to the challenge, we did not give them any chances, but it is normal that they nicked a few given their quality. We're on the right path, we just have to keep going. For me the tie was at 50% and now after that you can say we're favourites. We have a long way to go, we must prepare for the games in the league and for the return leg”.

Navas: “We never gave up when the chips were down”
“We're really happy. We played well. We were focussed and took our chances and never gave up when the chips were down. The team stuck at it with the same spirit and we played a brilliant game".

Keylor: "The tie is not over, we have the return leg to play and that won't be easy".

"The team were down but not out. We know we are capable, we did some great work with the coach. We're a strong team, when we link up, we can show anyone the way home”.

“We’re not trying to send messages to anyone. We know how much work and sacrifice we make, we have the fans behind us, and this win is for them. The tie is not over, we have the return leg to play and that won't be easy”.

The fans
“They were brilliant right from our arrival. This got us into the game. When we warmed up, people were really motivated and that is what we need. It helps us get through these games”.

“Cristiano did not surprise us. We know that he works hard, pushes himself, and he is always there in the key moments. It makes us happy knowing we have the best player with us”.