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Granada - Real Madrid

Morata: “Winning was important, we don't want to slip up”

NEWS | 06/05/2017

“We’re only looking at ourselves. It’s in our hands and if we win every game we’ll be champions”, explained Casemiro.
Morata scored a brace in the goal scoring masterclass against Granada and spoke to the press after the game: “We are in a good dynamic and it is hard to beat us. It was important to win today. We haven't won LaLiga in a long time and we don't want to slip up. We are going to fight for every point so that we can end up being champions. We have to focus and work hard”. 

“It's vital that whoever plays, plays well, LaLiga is a trophy that speaks for itself. I want to play at Real Madrid as much as the next player. If we keep on doing as we are then on Wednesday we will seal our place in the Champions League final. It will be a challenge as we're playing the toughest game of the year against our toughest rivals. We will have to give our all. Fingers crossed we can win both competitions”.
Casemiro: “We went out strong, started well”
“There are no easy games. We went out strong, and that is why it might have looked that way. There is no plan b, perhaps these players don’t play as much but you’ve seen tonight how focused we all are. The entire squad were ready to play and we have to congratulate those who played today because we played well”.
Situation in LaLiga
"We are not watching Barcelona. We’re only looking at ourselves. It’s in our hands and if we win every game we’ll be champions. We are still working hard to win the League".

Lucas Vázquez: "There are three games left and we have to fight for our lives".

"The Champions League semi-finals doesn’t allow us to relax. If we do, Atletico will cause us problems. We’ve got to go out strong to score goals and win the match at the Calderon".

Kovacic: "Winning was important to carry on this run"
"We started the match very well, scored early and had a very good first half. In the second we slowed down a little, but that’s normal. It’s an important victory to continue our journey. We’ve got three games left and must carry on like this. We’ve got some hard games coming up".
Strength in depth 
"Today the whole team has done very well. I think we’re a very good team and we’ve got a big squad where everyone can play. We have to continue like this and take every opportunity and go for the league".

Lucas: "Every match is a final"
"Every match is a final. The team is aware of this and we’re happy with the result. We know what we are playing for, we want to win the league, and we’re focused on that. There are three games left and we have to give everything. The team knows that every game is so important".

"We are all focused, wanting to contribute, and the coach knows how to handle the squad very well. Madrid has to compete for everything and we are doing a great job, looking to win every game. Both James and Morata have chipped in with goals today and we’re happy for them. Regarding the Champions League, there are 90 minutes left to play in the Calderón, we’re going on to it with humility and we’re going to try to win the match.