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Real Madrid - Leganés

Zidane: "I'm pleased with the work everyone put in"

NEWS | 06/11/2016

“After we got the goal, the game changed and we controlled the second half well”, said the coach.
Zidane reflected on the victory over Leganés in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu which secured their place at the top going into the international break: The coach highlighted his team's collective efforts: “I always think about the team, that's what concerns me. I'm pleased with the work everyone put in, not any player in particular. There will always be one who makes the difference, but the great thing today was the team”.
“We know the job we are doing and even 100 points doesn't guarantee that you win La Liga. It's getting harder and harder to win easy games, they don't exist. The first half was difficult for us today. Then after we got the goal, the game changed and we controlled the second half well”.
“Casemiro is back out on the pitch, he's still only running, he hasn't done any ball work yet. The main thing is that he's back on the pitch, it's a matter of days. I'm happy to have Modric back. Then there's Ramos and Pepe, I hope we don't get any unwelcome surprises during the international matches”.
“There's nothing wrong with him. We always want him score goals, he got three in Vitoria. You might see him do things on the pitch because he always wants to get a goal. I don't think he's worried, he looks good and committed. It's true he likes scoring goals, especially at this stadium, but he's calm”.


“What Cristiano has to do is finish his career here. He is unique because of what he does and what he stands for. His dream is to end his career here and I am happy that he can renew his contract and end his career here just I did a long time ago”.

Free kicks
“If they ball is on the right then Gareth takes it and if it’s on the left then Cristiano takes it. In the middle they are both capable. James can also take free kicks and he nearly scored today. There is nothing that is set in stone”.

“He is doing phenomenally well. When everyone is fit perhaps he’ll get less minutes, but that doesn’t mean anything. He feels good, he is training well and looks to be enjoying his football. He is always the same, whether he is playing or not. He picked up a knock today but I hope it won’t be a serious injury”.

“We're always capable of improving things and that is what he has done. He gets better with every game and I am very happy because he is gaining more confidence and working hard. We didn’t concede any goals today and I am happy because of that”.

“There hasn’t been a medical report because we have to wait 24 to 48 hours and tomorrow he will undergo tests to see what has happened with him. He had some inflammation and we had to wait for it to subside. He had a few issues but I hope that in the next few days he will get better”.