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Ramos: "We want to win the Champions League to make it an unforgettable year"

NEWS | 14/05/2016 | Alberto Navarro (La Coruña)

“We started badly in La Liga but we got better and closed the gap to finish just one point behind the leaders”, said Marcelo.
Sergio Ramos shared his feelings on the outcome of La Liga after the final match: “We had hope, which is the last thing you want to lose. Now we have a beautiful Champions League final that we want to win to make it an unforgettable year. It's a shame we've not been able to win La Liga but we'll learn from it for next year. The team who makes the fewest mistakes is the one who takes the title”.

“It was difficult not to pay attention to the Barcelona match and I found out at the end of the first half. We went out with everything we had from the off in order to acheive our aim, which was to win. We've been here until the end and you've got to congratulate Barcelona because they are deserving winners of this league. We're proud of how the team has put the pressure on and had belief until the last moment”.

“It's easy to have an opinion now, you remember a lot of games and all the points you've dropped. Our aim was to put the pressure on and we've done that. It's great for us in terms of morale heading into the Champions League final”.

Marcelo: “We've got a final to round the season off well”
“It's always difficult to win La Liga. We started badly, we fell 13 points off the top, but we've managed to close the gap right up until the end and finish just one point behind. We've improved a lot and now we have a final to try and round the season off well”.

Change of coach
“It's tough when Real Madrid don't win a single title, they always have to win something. The coach came in midway through the season and that's difficult, but we've done well since then”.
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Navas: “We had to win at Riazor for our pride”.

"We're going to work hard in the coming days to go into what'll be a very tough final in good shape".

Navas: “We've had a fantastic end to the season”
"We wanted to win La Liga and we're a bit down, but we've had a fantastic end to the season. A lot of people didn't believe in us, but in the end we were there fighting for the title on the last day. We were focused on this game. We needed to win for our own pride's sake, but ultimately it wasn't enough to win La Liga".

The Barcelona score
"We knew at half-time how the Barcelona game was going, but we needed to win, that was our aim. Now we've got a Champions League final to come, so we're not going to be letting up".

The Milan final
"Reaching the Champions League final isn't easy. We want to now win it, which would be a source of joy for us, our families and madridismo as a whole. We've performed more consistently in the Champions League and that's why we're in the final. We're relaxed, keen to prepare well for the game and to get our minds focused so that we go into it 100% ready".

Carvajal: “We battled until the end”
"We've had a record-breaking second half to the campaign and perhaps we've been let down by the points we dropped in the first half of the season. The season is a very long one and Barcelona must be congratulated for having collected a point more than us. We battled until the end, until the last minute and on the 28th we've got another test and we want to offer madridismo the club's eleventh European Cup".

"The team performed very well. The values of madridismo taught me from a young age to fight until the last minute and that at Real Madrid you don't ever give up. We're longing for the day of the final to arrive, although we've now got two weeks in which to prepare well for the game and analyse the opposition. Let's hope that it's a good final and that we win it".

Assessment of the season
"I don't think that it has been a bad season. In La Liga we were in the hunt right until the end and we were knocked out of the Copa del Rey because of an off-field issue and we've reached the Champions League final. Right now, I would give a positive assessment, but on the 28th we'll be able to judge whether the season has been a good or bad one".