Zinedine Zidane

Zidane: "I've seen the players' faces and they know what is ahead of them"

NEWS | 11/04/2016 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“This club has made some extraordinary comebacks during its history”, pointed out the coach.
Just one day before the decisive game at the Santiago Bernabéu, Zinedine Zidane showed confidence in his team. The coach explained the key to the comeback: “We're going to be together. The players know the game that we have to play. What worried me the most was seeing the players’ faces, but I’ve seen that they're up for it and they know what is ahead. This releases pressure. We're 2-0 down, we have to score, but there's 90 minutes or more to do that. The message is to be patient. In La Liga we were 13 points with the goal from Barcelona, now it's 4. Everything happens in football”.
“It's not my first big game as a coach. We've had a lot and they're all important. I feel the same pressure as always before a game. I'm not worried about what we have to do. We're focused and that's the most important thing. When I see the players focused it takes pressure off of me”.
Positive mentality
“Madrid are never ready to not go through. They are always ready to continue and always do more and more. It's the club with the most European Cups for a reason. The history of this cub is very big. I'm always positive. I've achieved something as a player with this philosophy. If we had won in the first-leg, it would be better. Now it's going to be more emotional and difficult but we like these challenges. We want to turn it around and it's nicer to win these games in difficult circumstances”.
The fans
“We really love the fans. We know how important they are. What I say to them and what I want from them is that they're there from the first to the last minute. It’s a special club and tomorrow we have to play a special game so that we're all happy and proud of the players”.


“There have been a lot of messages of support. It's an important game, we all know that. You have to play this game with your head. We're not going to win the game in 10 or 15 minutes whatever happens. It could become complicated if they score a goal, but in football anything can happen. What we have to do is be focused from the first minute until the last”.

“I'm not going to get involved with the referee. I didn't in the first-leg and I’m not now. The referee will have his game and I think he's do it well”.

“He's completely recovered from the knock. He's ready to play, well and focused”.

Attack and defense
“We know that if we want to have more chance, we have to keep a clean sheet. The players know it. Above all what we have to do is play football. They're going to start strongly with a high intensity. We're going to go with the same intensity and what will decide it will be the ball. The battle and all that is good, but what we have to do is play football”.

“A goal against would complicate things, but that can happen. We have to be patient and focused. We have 90 minutes, we have to be fully in the game. We know that we can score goals and we have to be careful. To play will is to defend well, balanced and focused, not only scoring goals”.

Comebacks as a player
“I don't exactly remember. This club has always been like this, it has made some extraordinary comebacks and had some important games in the Bernabéu and tomorrow is another game. Maybe it's the most important of this season. We're ready to play it”.

“He's a player who brings balance to the side. We'll see who is starting tomorrow. We know the importance of Casemiro when we're attacking. When we have the ball it's important to know what is going to happen next. He's always thinking about those things”.