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Barcelona - Real Madrid

Zidane: "I liked everything about my players' performance"

NEWS | 02/04/2016 | Alberto Navarro (Barcelona)

“We've put in a massive effort and I come away from here very happy for the fans and the team”, he added.
Zinedine Zidane expressed his satisfaction in the aftermath of Real Madrid's win at the Camp Nou. The Whites' coach took to the media room and reflected on the game in the following terms: "I'm very happy with everything. We struggled a bit initially, but I come away from here happy for our fans and for the team because it's not easy to win here. I liked everything about my players' performance. We put in a massive effort and I was pleased with everything, both defensively and attacking-wise".

"When I see a team that's united and all together, with everyone fighting for their teammates and for their coach, there's nothing better. Coming into the game, we knew that we would have to work hard and be well prepared for it. We put in a good performance, we've got the three points and we now need to rest and start thinking about the Wolfsburg game because it's very important for us as we look to continue what we've started".

Second-half display
"In football you ended up going through it all, you go through both good and bad spells. We didn't get off to such a good start, but it's better to have had a difficult start and then finish strongly, as we did".

Battle for La Liga title still on?
“We're seven points behind and we need to focus on the next game, which is in the Champions League and after it we'll get back to thinking about picking up three points in La Liga. We just have to focus on winning our next game".

Fine form
“We continue on in the same vein. We put in a good performance against Sevilla at home and we continue on with our preparations for the run-in. We know just how important the Champions League is and we want to progress. Getting a win here is tough and few times manage it. I'm happy for the players and the fans, who can be proud of the players".


"We're taking things step-by-step. First of all we have to overtake Atlético and it's as simple as that. After that, we'll have to see. There are still games to be played and we'll see. Winning here is a massive reward for all of the players. They delivered an excellent performance".

A morale booster
"Yes, that's true. It's important to have got the win here for that reason and for the remainder of the season and with it coming right before our Champions League game in Germany. I now want all of the players to rest up well because there aren't many days before the next game and also given the the 90 minutes they've just put in".

Good fitness levels
"When you get the equaliser it gives you a boost physically and we ended the game very strongly, but we've now got to rest up and this is what it's going to be like until the end of the season".

Bale's disallowed goal 
"I'm pleased to have won here because it's not easy. Few teams will come away from here having won. I think that Bale's goal should have stood, but I haven't seen it".

"He played a vital role, as they all did. I can't single out any player in particular. The players who got the goals are always the decisive ones and that's a bonus, but defensively we performed excellently against players who don't need much space to hurt you, that was something we dealt with well".