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Real Madrid - Celta

Lucas Vázquez: "We came out strongly in the second half and sealed the game"

NEWS | 05/03/2016 | Barbara Jiménez

“It was a great game for the entire team", said Casemiro
Lucas Vázquez started against Celta and explained the game to the media: “We knew that it was going to be a difficult game against an opponent that plays really well. In the first half we had chances to make it more than 1-0 by the break, but sometimes in football chances do not go in. In the second half, we came out very strongly in the first few minutes, we scored and we sealed the game".

"Games have stages, it was tough in the first half and we perhaps played a little better in the second half, Zidane always asks for more goals from us and we delivered".

"The fans in the Bernabéu are really good, they always support us and today we saw another example of that. We are very grateful to the fans".

Period of form
"I am working like always. The manager is committing to me and on the pitch I have to show what I can do and help as much as possible. At the moment, Mayoral and I are getting the chance to play, and we have to do so as well as possible".

Cristiano's performance
"Nobody can doubt him. He scored four goals today and I congratulate him".

Casemiro: “The second half was an amazing match"
“It was a great game from the entire team and we showed that we are strong at home. We played against a great side, that play very well, and we have to value our win. The second half was an amazing game, we all played better, and the tactics fitted better. This is the way forward, we have to show that we are Real Madrid and that we will keep fighting".

“It is the second game I have played in a long time, I am happy and have greater match intensity. That is normal and I play better like that. I feel I am ready to have minutes and always play".

Carvajal: “The fans behaved really well and everyone went home happy".

“Cristiano is an out of this world player, we know that already and at any moment he can score goals. He is the best in the world and we are used to that. He is a goal machine. He keeps working hard as always to help Madrid”.

The Champions League
“All our games are important, but the Champions League is the priority. In all of our matches we want to fight because we have to defend the club and you have to respect the fans, but Tuesday’s game is without a doubt the most important game”. 

Carvajal: “We pressed more and we won by a large margin”
“At first the opposition came out with more rhythm, then they slowed down and we stepped up a gear and the goals came. We knew that Celta were a difficult team to face, with great players, especially going forward. We pressed, played well and we won by a large margin”.

The Bernabéu
“The fans got behind us. Unfortunately our last home game was a defeat in a derby game and fans were behind us. The fans are demanding and in the first half, where it was difficult to open the scoring, perhaps they became a little frustrated, but in the second half everything went well. We tried to respond as best we could and I think that today everyone will be going home happy”. 

Four goals from Cristiano Ronaldo
“You have to congratulate him. We know that he is the best in the world and I hope he keeps scoring and helps us to win the Champions League at the end of the season. We are going to give absolutely everything and in La Liga we will try to keep up the intensity and compete at the top level in order to tackle the Champions League with the greatest guarantees for success".