Real Madrid - Sevilla

Bale: “It’s a good result and we have to carry on with this rhythm”

NEWS | 20/03/2016 | Bárbara Jiménez

“The team is working very well” said Keylor Navas.
Gareth Bale scored the third goal in the win over Sevilla and he spoke about his impression of the team: “You have to try to improve. It’s a good result and we have to carry on like this, keeping this rhythm. It's good news to have all the squad available and we have enjoyed having everyone available”.

“We knew that it would be a difficult game today, we played very good and we have to continue like this in the rest of the games. We're working a lot and we hope to give everything in each game. I'm not going away with the national team, I’ll stay here with other players and I’ll train to be at 100%”.

“The Champions League game will be difficult, but we have to go in to it high on confidence”.

Navas: “The teammates have done an excellent job”
“I give my best in each game. The teammates do an excellent job to help me and this gives me a lot of confidence. When you try hard, things always come. The team is working very well and we have to carry on like this”.

Constant learning
“When you play well and win you have to be happy. We'll go to the international teams happy. I always try to be better every day, trying to improve and having good games. Although there are difficult moments, I've always believe in myself, I never give in, nor let my guard down”.

Next game in the Camp Nou
“We're going with the winning mentality, we've got the quality to get the three points which would give us a lot of energy to continue in the Champions League. We want to go and win and it's what we'll try to do”.

Casemiro: “We had an incredible game”.

“I don't want to speak about the referees. I'm a goalkeeper, not a referee to say what they do good or bad. I'm sure that nobody wants to make a mistake. Sometimes it goes for us and other times against us”.

Casemiro: “We have to respect the fans with games like these”
“It was an incredible game against Sevilla, they’re not an easy team to beat. We played good football and you have to congratulate everyone. We knew that they were a difficult opponent but we pressed high up, moving the ball quickly, everyone attacking and defending. We have to respect the fans with games like these”.

“We know that we didn’t play well in the second half against Las Palma but today we demonstrated something totally different. We pressed high, we played nice football, it’s what we have to do and what the fans expect from us. Benzema, Bale, Cristiano, all of the player are important for the team”.

Ovation from the fans
“I’m very happy for the affection from the fans and for the work that I am doing. I want to continue fighting to get more affection. I’m here to work hard and help my teammates and Real Madrid”.

Danilo: “We were focused during the whole game”
“The most important thing is the concentration and we kept our throughout the game. This has been very important. We always think about winning and in the Clásico we have to think about the victory, it will be important for the rest of the season”.

Keylor Navas' performance
“He's a great keeper. He deserves what he's getting because he works a lot. I hope it continues like this”.