Rueda de prensa de Allegri y Buffon

Allegri: “It will be a long and unpredictable match"

NEWS | 12/05/2015

“If we just go out to defend our lead, we'll have problems”, said Buffon.
Massimiliano Allegri and Buffon spoke in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu on the eve of the Champions League semi-final second leg clash (Wednesday, 8:45pm CEST). The Italian coach explained: “We have to put in a great performance because you cannot just rely on defending. The more we have of the ball the less likelihood there is of them scoring. The possession was evenly split in the first game but we'll have to improve on that a lot tomorrow”.

“Our defensive approach won't change if Benzema plays and it is very unlikely it will finish 0-0. The chances of that are very low because Real Madrid usually score, as do we. It will be an intriguing game, with 90 long and unpredictable minutes of football. It will be impossible to merely hold onto the result from the first leg and even more so in their stadium, where they are even more attack minded”.

“He's in good shape and it's very likely that he'll be starting. He could be a determining factor because he's an extraordinary and hugely important player, and he could show his value with a mature performance”.

“He has grown a lot as a player and has found a lot of consistency. An injury kept him sidelined at the beginning, but then he started showing his technical ability. He has grown physically and is mentally tougher. He has come on a lot”.

“He is an extraordinary player for a club like Juventus as well as for world football as a whole. It's a pleasure to watch him play, he's been excellent this season and has scored hugely important goals in the Champions League”.

Preparing for the match
“There is no need for any extra motivation for games at this level. On the tactical side of things, we have made few changes over the last week. You have to be very good to play here with a calm head. It will be nearly impossible for tomorrow's game to finish 0-0 and we'll have to play perfectly from a technical standpoint".

Allegri: "We are up against great players so we'll need precision, balance and focus".

“90 minutes separate us from Berlin. We have to believe we can do it. This is a great opportunity and we have to go out to take it. We're not going to change our playing style for them. They attack with up to five players and play with four defenders, with one of the central midfielders dropping in to help out. We will be up against great players so we'll need precision, balance and focus”.

Buffon: “We won't change our playing style”
“The pride of Juve is at stake in this match. Not just for the players, but also for the fans and the technical staff. We know just how important this competition is and how hard it has been not to play more of a starring role in it for such a long time. We're back now to make the most of this opportunity”.

“Experience helps. I know what we have ahead of us. They'll be a long 90 minutes, I'm certain of that. Many teams have lost in the Bernabéu, and Madrid have made a habit of scoring in every game for quite some time now. If we just go out to defend our lead, we'll have problems. We won't be changing our playing style but we'll have to be intelligent because it's a very narrow margin”.

Objectives for the season
“We've undoubtedly surpassed our expectations, as we also have the final of the Coppa Italia to play. We all want to make this dream come true, but we are also aware that the only way of reaching the final is by playing our football they way we know best”.

Booing Casillas
“Booing Casillas is a very unpleasant gesture and is unprecedented for a professional of his stature, who has always given his all. He has given so much and footballing icons like him don't deserve this kind of treatment. I think we could both have excellent performances tomorrow, and we've both played in other important games because we've played for great teams”.