Rueda de prensa de Ramos

Ramos: “Playing in a final is always an extra source of motivation”

NEWS | 19/12/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Marrakech)

“We're enjoying a unique time and as a footballer I feel privileged”, noted the defender.
Sergio Ramos faced the media just over 24 hours before Real Madrid take on San Lorenzo in the Club World Cup final. The Whites defender discussed the encounter with the Argentinian outfit: "Playing in a final is always an extra source of motivation. We're enjoying a unique time and as a footballer I feel privileged. Real Madrid is a team supported everywhere and we have to reward our fans for that by winning."

“I'm a Christian and I'm a believer, but in football praying doesn't tend to get you very far. We're grateful for the reception we've had in Marrakech because in the semi-final it was like we were playing at home. That speaks for how great a club Real Madrid is. All Argentinians live football really intensely and it's great that everyone defends their own team."   

His fitness
“I've felt progressively better, I've reacted pretty well. Today we'll assess how I feel and the risks. It's a special final and one that I've never played in, and that brings extra motivation. When there is a risk of something serious you think about it very seriously."

We're looking to come away with the trophy and give all the Real Madrid fans something to shout about

“I hope we can go down in history. Defining an era will come down to statistics, records and trophies. We're all happy with the coach and tomorrow we'll try to win another trophy."

Communication with Kroos
“I fumble by as best I can in English and we communicate really well with gestures. I have admired Kroos for a while for his character, quality, passing and what he brings to the team. The job he does is very important and we're in total communication."

Change of referee
“In the dressing room we're not concerned about whether it's one referee or another. The comments made by the San Lorenzo neither help nor are detrimental to us. We hope the referee has the best match possible and football has to be above all that. If they are happy with the change of referee we congratulate them. I'm not going to create controversy. Football has to be above everything else and we'll see that tomorrow."

Praise for Pepe
“Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but it's a privilege having him by my side because he is one of the top three central defenders in the world. Football is for people who are tough and he's one of them. He's at a high level."