Real Madrid - San Lorenzo

Ancelotti: “2014 has been a fantastic, unforgettable year”

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NEWS | 20/12/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Marrakech)

"We're really happy with this trophy and we hope 2015 is the same", added the Italian coach.
Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti was delighted with his side's Club World Cup win: "We're really happy with this trophy. 2014 has been a fantastic and unforgettable year and we hope 2015 is the same. I'm very happy to have arrived at this club and won the Champions League in the first year, and now the Club World Cup; it's really special."

"The final was difficult, particularly in the first half. The key to it all is that the players have really taken on board that we need balance at the back and up front."

Cristiano Ronaldo
"He has contributed a lot to us getting to where we are. He has scored a lot of goals and he is a team player. He's our best player."

We're a family and we work together to achieve one aim: to do everything we can to ensure Real Madrid win.

"We're a fantastic team, but it's impossible to compare this team to others in history. We're happy to have made history, but we want to keep going."

Real Madrid-mania
"It was a nice surprise because we really have felt like it's a home from home. It wasn't the Bernabéu, but this stadium has given us a lot of support and helped us to do everything we can to win."

Taking stock of the year
"I take away with me the memory of the whole year. The key was the first final that we played and won against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey. That gave us a lot of confidence. If we repeat this year it'd be really great. We have the chance to compete in all competitions. We have ended the year on a high and we have to feel confidence and optimism ahead of the year to come."