Cornellà - Real Madrid

Chicharito: “The important thing was to get a good win in the first leg”

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NEWS | 29/10/2014

"The supporters helped us a lot and we thank them for that", stated Keylor Navas.
Chicharito was one of the players to get on the scoresheet during his Copa del Rey debut against Cornellà, and spoke about how he felt after the game: “The important thing was to get a good win in the first leg. The manager asks us to be professional and respectful with every opponent we face. That means playing as if we were up against Barcelona”.

“James passed me the ball, I attempted a one-two with Benzema and then I just shot towards goal and thanks to God it went in. I work hard so that every time a chance falls to me I'm able to make the most of it and do the best I can for this crest”.

Navas: "The supporters helped us a lot"
"It was a chance to get some minutes, we all want to play and win games. Hopefully the fans enjoyed themselves and have gone home happy because they helped us a lot and we thank them for that. We swapped our jerseys with the Cornellá players because it was a big night for them. It is a nice way to remember the night and hopefully they'll enjoy them".

We have to approach the second leg in the Bernabéu as seriously as this one. 

"You always have to be ready for when the manager gives you a chance and make the most of the opportunity. So far I have been given a chance to play in the Copa del Rey and when the manager decides to give me another I'll make the most of it. I'll be just as excited, ready and motivated to give my all for Madrid".

A good moment for the team
"The team is in good form, we are working hard. All the guys who play regularly are doing really well and, those of us who don't, are itching for a chance. There is a lot of commitment and effort in each training session and that is reflected in each game".

Team-mates awarded by the LFP
"If they were given an award it is because they received the most votes, that's how it was decided. We are delighted to have our hard work valued. Cristiano is the best player in the world, he deserves to win the Ballon d'Or, and he shows that in every game and in every training session. He is a great player and a great person, something we see every day. It is an honour to play alongside him".