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Real Madrid - Athletic Club

Ancelotti: “It was the best match since the final in Cardiff”


NEWS | 05/10/2014 | Javier García

“We played the way we always want to; everything went well in attack and defence”, he said.
Ancelotti agreed in the press conference following the match that it was a perfect night against Athletic: “It was undoubtedly the best match since the final of the European Super Cup in Cardiff. I think the team look good. We are playing much better than at this time last year. We’re on a good run. We were more alert on set-pieces today and everything went well”.

“It was a very good match, we’re all very happy because we played as we always want to play. Everything went well in attack and defence. The whole team had a good match”.

The three strikers
“The trio up front played fantastically. Cristiano scored three, Karim two and Bale provided assists and worked hard. When they play like that, it is fundamental to the team. The midfielders played well too and worked very hard”.

“They are very important to our game. We need their work up front and they are doing well. The team is very fit. The fitness coaches are doing very well”.

“With the ball we try to play with three midfielders and without the ball Bale drops back a little and James pulls out to the left to make a line of four. Little by little James is adapting to that, he is humble and likes to work hard and learn”.

There is no doubt who will be the Ballon d’Or this year.

“We’re not trying anything out. We’re playing with the same system and we’re not going to change it. We’re just trying to adapt to the new players. We are confident and comfortable playing like that”.

Cristiano and the Ballon d’Or
“There’s little doubt this year, I think. I don’t think there are any bets because I don’t think there’s any doubt this year”.

Ramos substitution
“He had a niggle in his right calf and we preferred to avoid any issues. Tomorrow he will undergo tests. Then he’ll go with the national team and they’ll evaluate him there”.

International break
“I’m not worried about that. The most important thing is to avoid injuries and problems. When La Liga starts we have a very important spell again with Levante, Liverpool and Barcelona. If we are lucky, we hope to come back to La Liga as we played today”.

Celebration dance
“I didn’t see the dance. It’s normal and a bit of fun. The important thing is to have everyone’s respect. If they danced together maybe we need to practise it so that we do it well”.