FAN CLUB TO REAL MADRID EN FREETOWN, is a not profit making organization,  operates in club Management, providing voluntary services in the communities, responsible  to organize social and economic activities towards national development in Sierra Leone.  Freetown is located in the Western Area of Sierra Leone. It is the capital city of Sierra  Leone with a population estimated at One Million Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand  (1,850,000). Freetown city have many European fan clubs among all the European clubs,  Real Madrid is above all else. Madrid fans in the city always like to watch games at all  times and their participation needs to be encouraged to help and promote the good image of  Real Madrid. This is one of the reasons for creating the fan club.   In Freetown city, Real Madrid supporters can be estimated to 600,000 who pledge their  support to promote and protect the integrity of Real Madrid Football Club.   According to football history, supporters are the main foundation of football entertainment  history in the world and without supporters, football is not useful in society. Therefore, Real  Madrid needs to encourage the participation of Supporters and the formation of this fan club

1. To unite all Real Madrid Fans together, encourage fans to realise that they belong to the  most prestigious club in the world called Real Madrid Football club 
2. To create friendship among supporters of the club which in turn will help to give out  meaningful contributions towards the development of the club.
3. To encourage supporters to become official supporters of the club. 
4. To participate in Real Madrid activities, both local and international level. 
5. To bring Real Madrid club closer to its supporters through the organization of events and  social media promotions.  
6. To help to coordinate and administrate the affairs of the club to achieve the aims and  objectives of Real Madrid Football Club.  
7. To create awareness of Read Madrid Football Club in the communities (the country as a  whole). 
8. To motivate supporters to promote the good image of the club and encourage floating  supporters who wish to join the club to be official members.