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Members and Fan Clubs

Florentino Pérez presides over meeting of fan clubs in Seville

Florentino Pérez presides over a spectacular meeting of the supporters clubs in Barcelona

Mariano Fan Club: nine decades embodying the club spirit null

Fans can use their ticket for the Rabat stadium in Marrakech null

Florentino Pérez: "It has been a spectacular year because along with la Décima we also won the Copa del Rey and the European Super Cup” null

Real Madrid hold the press Christmas dinner

Real Madrid, greeted by their fan club members in Sofia

Florentino Pérez had lunch with the club's 100 most senior members

Real Madrid’s universal appeal was evident in Cardiff

Antonio Villalba null

Los Angeles and Southern California Madrid Supporters, present at the team's training session

Madrid supporters clubs in the USA

Getty Images null

Information for holders of tickets to the UEFA Super Cup in Cardiff