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La Fundación en América: cerca de 30.000 participantes en 126 escuelas sociodeportivas  y 115 proyectos de deporte educativo

The Foundation in America: almost 30,000 participants across 126 social sports schools and 115 educational sports projects

NEWS STORY. 18/09/2023

The Foundation helps over 17,000 beneficiaries at risk of exclusion in 22 countries throughout America.

During the 2022/2023 season, the Foundation has continued to increase its presence in the Americas, the first continent to ever host its international projects designed to help young people in need through educational sports. Today, some 20 years after the first international social sports school, opened its doors, the Foundation runs 126 social sports schools for socially disadvantaged children in 22 countries, helping 17,055 girls, boys and young people. They also run 13 Educational Football Programs in 3 countries for schools in different areas, benefitting 1,548 children. Finally, some 102 technical enhancement clinics take place in Antillas, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Canada, Chile and the United States, serving a further 10,026 individuals.

Four new social sports projects
Last season saw four new social sports projects get underway in the Americas. These were located in Guatemala, through a collaboration agreement signed with the Fundación Carlos F. Novella. Likewise, deals have been renewed with collaborators and sponsors including the Fundación Mapfre, which aids the projects in Brazil, El Salvador, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The support of AT&T also helps to keep the projects in Mexico running; while Globalvia's assistance is vital for the schools in Chile and Costa Rica. The fine work carried out with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is also crucial in aiding the recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean, most notably concerning efforts with the migrant population in Colombia.
Digital transformation and combatting malnutrition
Two fierce alliances complement an education based on values and the comprehensive care for young people, thanks to Millicom-Tigo and Abbott. The agreement with Millicom-Tigo aims to reduce the digital divide, promoting a digital transformation schools across Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, the United States, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay. This boosts the employability of the beneficiaries and their families, particularly women, while also educating young people about a good use of the internet and preventing cyber bullying. The collaboration with Abbott, meanwhile, helps fight malnutrition by providing training workshops on good eating habits, as well as identifying cases of malnutrition among the beneficiaries of the social sports schools in Brazil, Colombia, the United States and Mexico.