Campazzo named Super Cup MVP

"It's always good to begin the season with a trophy, I'm happy to win another Super Cup for Real Madrid," said the Argentinian point guard.
Facundo Campazzo was named MVP of the 2023/24 Super Cup. This is the third time he has won it in his career after doing so in 2019 and 2020 and equals the record of teammate Sergio Llull and Juan Carlos Navarro. The Argentine led Chus Mateo's team to their tenth Super Cup trophy with averages of 18 points, 5 assists and 22 PIR. The Real Madrid man is back with a bang and two games have been enough for him to continue making history in this competition.
Campazzo has won 12 trophies with our club: 2 European Cups, 3 Leagues, 2 Copa del Rey and 5 Spanish Super Cups, and has been named in the best five of La Liga twice (2018-19 and 2019-20), MVP in the league playoffs once (2018-2019), MVP in the Super Cup three times (2019, 2020, 2023) and MVP in the Copa del Rey once (2020).
After collecting the award, Campazzo said: "It was a tough game and a challenging Super Cup. We were up against a very physical Unicaja, who play good basketball. They've been playing together for a number of years and they know each other well. We feel that we can play much better. Defence was the key and controlling the rebounding. We were solid in attack at times, brave when we needed to be. The good thing is that we still have a lot of room for improvement. The ceiling is very high. It's always good to start the season winning a trophy like this and I'm pleased to win yet another Super Cup for Real Madrid".
Third MVP
"When the team is playing well, individual players step up. We had some very good moments and every player performed well when they were on the court. We have a lot of ways to score and create plays.  We don't have to worry about that. We have made a step up in quality in defence and we also know how to adjust to our opponents".
"I'm really happy to be here, to be in Madrid. Over the last few years any side can beat you and it's more competitive. If you go into the game lax or don't respect your opponents, they can beat you. On a personal level, I really wanted to come back and be a Real Madrid player again. I'm really pleased to be back. I feel that I'm settling in quickly, I know the club, the team and the coaches".
Differences from the team he left
"Different players. The way the team plays is similar, with different qualities and the added bonus that Chus Mateo has his hand in the game. We mustn't make comparisons. It's a different team, a different mentality and a different coach. We have to pick up what the coach sends us at any given moment and bring it to the game. Whenever you wear this jersey, it will always demand one hundred per cent from you and you have to go in search of excellence in every game".

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