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La Escuela de la Fundación en Bután recibió el material deportivo

The Real Madrid Foundation school in Bhutan has received sports equipment

NEWS STORY. 29/12/2022

Representatives paid a visit to the project involving young monks from three monasteries.

Children from the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports programme in Bhutan, which was launched in April in partnership with Tintefish for young monks, have received their sports equipment. Representatives from the Foundation have visited Bhutan to oversee the implementation of the project and its first months of activity. The Bhutanese Ministry of Education expressed its interest in the work carried out by the Foundation there.
Gangteng Monastery, Khewang Lhakhang and Gogona Temple are the three monasteries that the project is being developed in the Gangtey Valley, in the north of the country. Those taking part in the project are all young monks. Football training is the only time they have during the week to play sport. This is a way of promoting the value of health, which complements their daily discipline. Friendly tournaments are introduced as a new activity for them, where the children from the three monasteries will get together to play matches.