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Real Madrid - Partizán

Chus Mateo: “Cinco victorias consecutivas tienen valor”

NEWS STORY. 24/11/2022

"The key was to improve defensively in the second half”, Lull expalains post victory.

Chus Mateo and Sergio Llull reflected on Real Madrid's victory against Partizan in round 10 of the Euroleague. After the clash, the coach said: "I'm sure both Obradovic and ourselves would have liked to have played better in defence. They scored 40 points In the first quarter, which is a lot. However, a game is very long and there are many varying factors. We managed to bounce back and score 105 points, but the game was going that way".

"At times the game resembled an East-West NBA game with both teams shooting long, especially them in the first quarter. It was tough as they opened the court frequently and we had problems countering certain shots. Ndiaye changed the nature of the game with his defending. We kept them at 11 points in the second quarter. Five wins in a row is significant and demonstrates that we are on the right track, but we do have to keep working".


"Those 40 points in the first 10 minutes felt very bad, but we turned it around in the ensuing 10 minutes when Partizan scored 11 points. At times games go in directions you aren’t expecting. They are a very dangerous team. We managed 105 points but also conceded 97. The game needed a lot of energy and overall we played well. We had to defend and not get into a tit-for-tat for baskets".
Llull: "We improved defensively in the second half".
"We did a brilliant job. We improved our defence in the second half and that was the key. We shared the ball in attack and we are happy with the win. I’ll bet the fans enjoyed this game more than the players. I love winning and to do that you have to play well defensively and control the tempo of the game. We must remain strong and keep working in this vein".