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La escuela sociodeportiva de Reino Unido cuenta con nuevos colaboradores

UK socio-sports school welcomes new collaborators

NEWS STORY. 17/11/2022

The project is being run in partnership with the Kinetic Foundation and will be further supported by UPS and Abbott.

The socio-sports school which the Real Madrid Foundation has been operating in the United Kingdom in conjunction with the Kinetic Foundation since 2012 has been supported by UPS since the beginning of this season. A collaboration initiative will be launched to raise awareness of the project and explore future joint ventures. Additionally, Abbott, which has been Real Madrid's healthcare sponsor since last season, will hold nutrition workshops for the schools' staff members who will then introduce them to the beneficiaries.

With a view to guaranteeing the smooth running of the Real Madrid Foundation's projects, during the start of the course its coaches-educators were given on-site training so that they could continue to put into practice the For a Real Education: Values and Sport methodology. The project utilises football to promote positive values such as respect, camaraderie, self-sufficiency and equality with the overall aim of fostering changes in young people's perceptions and attitudes towards their studies, school attendance, career aspirations and employment. As well as the training sessions, a study and support facility is provided where participants will feel safe, have the chance to solve problems and learn in a prejudice-free environment.

The socio-sports school is located in Croydon, South London, which is one of the most populous and socially and ethnically diverse London boroughs. One in five children under the age of 16 lives under the poverty threshold and one in four is overweight.