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Musa leads Madrid to an important win in Milan

MATCH REPORT. 03/11/2022. Edu Bueno

The forward plays his best game with us so far (25 points and 31 index rating points)  to tally up our third Euroleague win against EA7 Emporio Armani.

Real Madrid notched up a very important victory at the home of yet another one of the Final Four favourites, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan. A prestigious victory, the third in the Euroleague for Chus Mateo’s players who played a very solid game at the Mediolanum Forum overcoming their opponents who were on fire with their three-pointers. Following a very even first half, our boys took a step forward in defence and put the game to bed after the break playing a great second twenty minutes. Musa, in his best performance at Real Madrid, (25 points, 5 three-pointers, 5 rebounds and 5 assists to make 31 index rating points) led a team in which Hezonja (15 points), Tavares (11 and 9 rebounds) and Sergio Rodriguez (9 and 4 assists) also stood out.
An emotional homage for Sergio Rodriguez from the Milanese side opened the way for a match between two European giants, which started with Real Madrid dominating in the first quarter (20-23). Well organised in defence, they took the lead from the get go thanks to their control of the rebounds and a fluid offence. Eight points in a row from Musa put us seven points ahead (5-12, 5th minute). The Bosnian giving a warning of what was to come later. Armani Milan kept up with the scoring thanks to their efficacy with their three-pointers (4/7).
On Level Terms
Real had to combat the good moment of form from the home side from outside the D. The Milanese players scored 8 three-pointers with Pangos, Mitrou-Long and Datome on fire (12/16 in the first half). This was a circumstance which would give them confidence and changed the dynamic of the game over ensuing minutes. Chus Mateo’s players didn’t lose their concentration however. Hezonja carried the team with Abalde in the rear-guard, offering endless technical resources. At a point per minute, they counteracted their opponent in a high-scoring second quarter which saw the scoreboard vacillate between both sides (50-47 20th minute).



Video.77-83: Musa leads Madrid to an important win in Milan

Our boys managed to adjust the perimeter defence after the break and halted the Armani Milan outside offense. The Italians now could not count on their best resource. Little by little, Real Madrid won back control of the game with Musa and Sergio Rodriguez taking the limelight in offence. The Bosnian forward at this point had already matched his personal best as a Real Madrid player in the Euroleague with 17 points, 9 of which came during this period. From 52-47 in the 21st minute to 56-63 in the 28th, in another great moment from our team, we managed to leave Messina’s players at 11 points in the third quarter (61-67).  

Defence and Musa for the win
Real went on to win with their defence on fine form in the last quarter. We upped our aggressiveness and imposed our physical strength. We were showing our most solid version and didn’t let our opponents breathe. We delivered in every play. Musa was the big star with his extraordinary performance, his best as a Real Madrid player. He scored the decisive points, topped off with a 2+1 to finish on 25 points and 31 index points, his best in a white shirt. A run of 21-9 between the 26th and 36th minutes got the victory on track (63-77). Armani Milan didn’t give up and a last gasp attempt saw them pull 5 points back in the last minute, but two offensive rebounds from Tavares and Deck and a basket with a personal foul on the Argentine closed a well-deserved win (77-89 40th minute).