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Formación Escuela Guimarães

Training in football and values for the Foundation's coaches in Guimarães

NEWS STORY. 21/10/2022

Over 250 children benefit from the socio-sports school in the Portuguese city, run in collaboration with the Club Alma Branca Association.

The coaches-educators of the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sports school in Guimarães (Portugal) attended a training course on football and values, provided virtually by the Foundation's Training Area. Since 2015, more than 250 beneficiaries in disadvantaged situations assisted by the Club Alma Branca Association have benefited from comprehensive training through sport.
This course was conducted with the goal of facilitating the start of the school year in Portugal and promoting the application of the educational methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation, For a REAL education: Values and Sport in the training sessions of the socio-sports school. An in-depth look was taken at aspects related to the comprehensive model and the integration of values in the design of the sessions. Two theory sessions were held, and then put into practice. This proved to be highly effective in terms of boosting the start of the season's activities.
Work in Portugal
The Real Madrid Foundation has been operating in Portugal since 2011 and the socio-sports school in Guimarães is the fourth in the bordering country. It was created as a follow-up to the service offered by the Club Alma Branca Association. This organisation meets the needs of children and young people at risk of social exclusion or violence in this town in the north of the country. It also promotes local development through sport, leisure, social activities, culture and education, through extracurricular support classes.