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El alcalde de Madrid recibe a un grupo de niños ucranianos de la Fundación Real Madrid

A group of Ukrainian children from the Real Madrid Foundation visit Madrid City Hall

NEWS STORY. 04/10/2022

The children were joined by Iker Casillas on the trip and visited the Plaza de Cibeles, where our team celebrate their title wins.

A group of children from the Real Madrid Foundation social sports schools visited the Madrid City Hall, where they were greeted by the Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida. Iker Casillas was also present at the event, alongside the Director General of the Foundation. During the children's visit, having already been welcomed to Real Madrid City by president Florentino Pérez and Lunin on Monday, they had the chance to set foot in one of the capital's most famous buildings, the Palacio de Correos, and enjoy spectacular views of the Plaza de Cibeles where Real Madrid celebrate their title wins.
The children are visiting from Kiev, Ternopil, Irpin and Khmelnytskyi, where the Real Madrid Foundation has started the social sports schools season with over 600 beneficiaries in conjunction with Epicentr for Children and with the support of Epicentr K. The invasion of the country has seen the program shift to provide assistance for the young people whose families have been displaced inside Ukraine, without neglecting those at risk of social exclusion, whom it has been helping since the start of the project in 2018.

The Real Madrid Foundation launched the "All With Ukraine" campaign back in March, including a donations channel aimed at mitigating the effects of the conflict.