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Bàsquet Girona-Real Madrid

Chus Mateo: “It was a hard-fought win"

NEWS STORY. 28/09/2022

“I'm thrilled to be back playing with Real Madrid”, said Sergio Rodríguez following the win in Girona.

Chus Mateo and Sergio Rodríguez assessed Real Madrid's win over Bàsquet Girona in the Endesa League 2022-23 opener. Following the game, the coach explained: “It was a hard-fought win, we knew it wouldn't be easy to play here. We were aware they are an aggressive team, very handsy and they put real pressure on the ball. It was an awkward game for us, we played in spells. We didn't get to grips with how they were coming up against us early on but with hard work we were able to get into the game and build up a lead”.

“Then we lost it again. We have to be more consistent, play with a bit more discipline at certain times. We still have to get to know each other much better and that's what we're looking to do. We've come through a tough game and started the Endesa League on the right foot. That's how we want to keep going, working to keep moving forward. There's a positive vibe around the place, you can always build on a victory. We have a lot to learn but we're here to start putting points on the board".

On Hezonja's performance
“He's a newcomer and he'll give us games like this, that's for sure, but the important thing is that all the players are ready to help the team. He did that today, scoring points, taking rebounds".

Sergio Rodríguez: “The team looks really promising”
“I'm thrilled to be back playing at Real Madrid, to have started the season by winning the Super Cup. We knew they were really hungry to play, they've been outside the ACB for a number of years, they had a dominant player in Marc Gasol. But we dug in and came through the game".

“The team has only trained all together three times. We have to make progress on the finer details, the team looks really promising. We have great physicality, young guys with real talent and we have to get the best we can out of this group. We know this is a marathon. Every game is important but we know it's a very long season".