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Los beneficiarios de las escuelas de la Fundación en Filipinas recibieron material para el nuevo curso escolar

Beneficiaries of the Foundation's school in the Philippines receive resources for the new school year

NEWS STORY. 14/09/2022

The social sports project in the South Davao region cater for 200 young people alongside the NGO Anakk and with support from the Fundación Mapfre.

To mark the beginning of the new school year, the beneficiaries of the four social sports schools run by the Real Madrid Foundation in the South Davao region of the Philippines have received schooling materials gifted by the Foundation's collaborator, the NGO Anakk. It's an exciting time for the 200 young people from the towns of Santa Cruz de Davao, Digos, Hagonoy and Padada, for whom the social sports school program acts as a complement to the social education intervention for young people at risk of exclusion.
This season, students from the schools in the Philippines get the year underway by combining face-to-face and online clases in order to continue complying with measures against the pandemic. For these kids, attending the social sports schools is a healthy alternative leisure activity, moving them away from the risk of joining street gangs and taking drugs, both very prevalent practices in the area. The training and education through sport following the Real Madrid Foundation methodology promotes physical and mental well-being, as well as aiding young people's educational and social development. Sessions are run at the sports facilities of local schools and help to bring families together to strengthen a sense of community.
Anakk provides opportunities for education through extra-curricular classes and an alternative learning system for those beneficiaries who are not enrolled in the formal education system. This contributes to the young people's comprehensive development through education in values according to the Real Madrid Foundation methodology, providing training and fostering employability.