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Las escuelas de la Fundación en Filipinas trabajan por la inclusión laboral

Foundation's schools in Philippines help participants enter employment market

NEWS STORY. 11/08/2022

The programmes, run in conjunction with Anakk, benefit from the support of the Mapfre Foundation.

The Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting schools and the Philippines-based NGO Anakk have joined forces to roll out a comprehensive social outreach programme that aims to assist participants in entering the employment market. Thanks to the support of the Mapfre Foundation, the employment training, which supplements the schools' values-based education through the practice of sport, will allow participants to overcome the financial impact of the pandemic among the most vulnerable members of society.
The most active programme during the course of this year has been training for the participants' family members who lost their jobs during the pandemic. Parents and children come together to learn about various activities, such as raising poultry and pigs at home, cooking and selling local dishes and setting up hydroponic gardens to tackle their situation of socio-economic risk. A share of the profits go back to the NGO to be invested in other families.
Alternative Learning System
Another of the activities is the Alternative Learning System, an official programme run by the Philippines government that is delivered by the NGO to allow minors who have dropped out of school to study for and sit the national exam that sees them issued with certification of having obtained a secondary school education. In addition, a vocational training programme has been rolled out to allow the adult participants to acquire the skills required to work in welding, mechanics and to repair mobile phones. Anakk helps the participants to secure internships and employment opportunities with local companies.