Real Madrid - Espanyol

Modrić: “We’ve had a spectacular league season"

NEWS STORY. 30/04/2022. Bárbara Jiménez

“Thanks to the fans for everything. The atmosphere here is incredible”, added Courtois.

Real Madrid were crowned LaLiga champions with four games remaining in the competition. Modrić expressed his delight after defeating Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabéu: “It's incredible, it's always special to win the league. It's the first one in front of our fans at the Bernabéu and it's even more special. The atmosphere was spectacular and we had a great game, we hope we can repeat it on Wednesday. It's the first time we've won (the league) four games before the end of the season. That says a lot, we've had a spectacular season”.

"We can’t wait to get to Cibeles and celebrate with our fans. We really appreciate their support throughout the season and this trophy is also theirs”.

Courtois: "Thanks to the fans for everything"
“We’ve made a huge effort this year. We’ve been consistent and done well in key games. We’ve come out of difficult games and that’s why we’re champions”.
Real Madrid fans
“Thanks to the fans for everything. The atmosphere here is incredible. I hope they’ve enjoyed this game. We’ll see them later at CibelesHala Madrid!”.
Casemiro: “You win leagues through consistency and hard work”
“It's a perfect job all year round. That's how you win leagues, with consistency and hard work. The league is always the most difficult, that's why we are the greatest and we have 35. You win the league game by game, you have to build a squad for it. You can never give up, you always have to make it three points. The team has been fantastic”.

 "I can remember when we won the league two years ago and couldn't enjoy it with the fans. This time we can, they should all go to Cibeles to enjoy it, although we can't as much as we’d like as we've got an important game on Wednesday. We've tried to make them happy and we can now celebrate together. The support they give us is very important".
Asensio: "We've put in a great performance, with the fans right behind us"
"We've wrapped up a great league campaign. We've been very consistent and played at a high standard all year. We've wrapped it up today with a great performance, and the fans right behind us. Another title, I'm lost for words. The team displayed a lot of character and it's really important to remain at the top. We're really looking forward to going down to Cibeles, we couldn't celebrate it with our fans last time and we're looking forward to doing it and enjoying a very special trophy in Real Madrid's history".
Camavinga: "The victory is for the fans"
"It's the culmination of all this season, we've worked hard for it. We're really pleased with today's win. The message I'd like to send to the Madrid fans is that the victory is for them. We'll be waiting for you at the next match against City and now it's time to enjoy ourselves at Cibeles".
Lucas Vázquez: "We're great champions"
"We've been very consistent from the start, solid and able to cope with the difficult periods. We're great champions. We're so happy to have won the title. It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to share it with the fans, they deserve it so much".