Maite Oroz en Sport Values Academy TV, la plataforma de la Fundación Real Madrid

Maite Oroz on the Foundation's platform, Sport Values Academy TV

NEWS STORY. 20/04/2022

The Real Madrid player was the star of 'Un pase en profundidad', a feature that Amancio Amaro and Ivana Andrés have already appeared on.

Real Madrid player since the 2020 season, Maite Oroz is referred to as the teacher in the team and is an educational, sporting and social leader. The midfielder is the star of the programme Un pase en profundidad, on the Sport Values Academy TV platform, a multi-channel eLearning and audiovisual content site run by the Real Madrid Foundation. The Foundation's Training Area Coordinator, Isabel García, talks in this interview about the importance of having fun in sport, about being humble and working hard to make your dreams come true.
Maite joins Amancio and Ivana as they talk about their early days in football, the role their families play, their role models in the world of women's football, the changes that have taken place and the importance of clubs like Real Madrid having teams and their evolution, as well as other things.
Watch here: https://formacion.realmadridfundacion.org