Real Madrid - Barça

Laso: “It was a tough for us to stay focused for long periods”

NEWS STORY. 23/01/2022

"We didn't play well. We have to move on and be aware that we've got another tough Euroleague game on Tuesday," said the coach.

Pablo Laso gave his thoughts on the Clásico: "It was a tough game for us to stay focused for long periods and we felt like we were chasing them and didn't have much influence in the game. We started well but they grew in the second and third quarters, and that's where they got the advantage. After that, we had a good reaction that brought us closer, but once again we made some bad decisions in attack and defence that they took advantage of. I would like to congratulate Barça. We have to move on, forget about this game and be aware that we have another tough Euroleague game next Tuesday".

"I think we could have played much better basketball than we did today so that' s why we lost. We were behind and we had to change the rhythm too late. At 66-68 we made mistakes that were instrumental and a result of the effort we'd put in to get back into the game.

Refereeing decisions
"There are certain decisions that I need to look at. It's very difficult to assess them in the heat of the moment, but there were a few situations that could damage us in terms of the fouls that were called on us. I remember a counter-attack on Hanga that wasn't called and for me it was two free throws. But when I watch the game back I'll have a better idea of what happened".

Tavares and Rudy's return
"These situations happen to everyone. Rudy hadn't trained until yesterday and neither had Tavares. We need him to be at his best, but we need all of them. You have to play well to win big games and today we didn't have a good game".