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Entrevista a Gabriel Deck

Deck: "It is a privilege to play for Real Madrid"

INTERVIEW. 19/01/2022

"I'm proud to be back, I've missed it", explained the Argentinian.

Gabriel Deck gave his first interview to Realmadrid TV after becoming the latest addition to Pablo Laso's team. The Argentine forward is back to the team that he called home for almost three seasons (2018-2021) and where he won 5 titles. He starts his second spell with the same desire and excitement and is ready to help the team continue achieving as much success as possible: "Real Madrid means everything to me and I'm proud and feel privileged to be back here, I've missed it. I've experienced so many wonderful times and that's what led me to make the decision to come back".

What have you experienced at this club that made you want to come back?

I've been through a lot of great moments, trophies and a bit of everything. It was a really nice feeling all the time I was here and I think that all of this led me to make the decision to come back here. This is also a way of thanking the club for giving me so much.

What role are you hoping to have within the team?

Whichever role fits best in the group. I hope it's the same as before or even more in terms of the game and other things, but I always have the desire and expectation help and contribute to the team in whatever way I can.

What will you bring to this team?

The same as before or even more. I'll try to contribute my best basketball, determination and willingness to work and carry on working hard every day like I did before.

What was it like to be back together with Laso and your teammates?

I was really looking forward to it. I missed the everyday life here and having the opportunity to come back and be with my teammates and the coaching staff. I'm very happy and pleased.

What does Real Madrid mean to you?

It means everything to me. After my career in Argentina, it's the club that gave me the opportunity to come here, to showcase myself, to develop and to be able to share things with everyone. The club has given me a lot and it is a great privilege to be back, I'm proud to be here.

What did you miss while you were away?

I missed the everyday life, being able to spend time with my teammates and the people I knew here. That's what I missed. And then playing, being out on the court, at the WiZink Center. I'm back now and I'm going to try to enjoy every minute of it, I'm really looking forward to it and I've got high expectations.

What are your aims at Real Madrid now?

To give the best of myself for the team and to try to fulfil all the objectives club has and always competing at the highest level and trying to win everything.

How does the team look, do you think it can challenge for everything?

Real Madrid prepare and strengthen as best as they can in order to be at the top and I've got no doubt that the team will compete at the highest level in every competition.

What message would you like to send to the fans?

I'd like to thank them for their support and I want them to rest assured that I'll give my all like I did right up until the final moment before I had to leave.