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Las escuelas sociodeportivas de la Fundación en Ucrania celebran la Navidad

The Foundation's social and sports schools in Ukraine celebrate Christmas

NEWS STORY. 04/01/2022

More than 800 children took part in the activities organised by Epicentr for Children.

Over 800 children from the Real Madrid Foundation's seven social and sports schools in Ukraine were able to enjoy the recreational activities arranged by the Foundation's local partner, Epicentr for Children, supported by Epicentr K, as part of the Christmas celebrations. Father Christmas visited the cities of Khmelnytsky, Irpin, Kiev and Ternopil, where the children from the schools received gifts and celebrated together, finishing with a snack for everyone.

In the city of Khmelnytskyi, fairytale games, birthday greetings and a children's play library were prepared. Competitions invented by the students were held in Irpin, as well as a training session which Father Christmas also took part in. In Kiev, social workers and school psychologists took part in the different play activities. The Ternopil event was divided into two days: day one was a St. Nicholas Day celebration with laser games where students had to form teams to complete various missions, and then a New Year's Eve celebration with entertainment, fire shows, bubbles and dances, and a flashmob.

Sport and activities
Sports and social schools in Ukraine cater for children at risk of social exclusion, including internally displaced children from the east of the country. Weekly sport is used as an educational tool in values, as well as other complementary cultural and educational activities, medical check-ups and nutritional support. The Real Madrid Foundation together with Epicentr for Children, along with the local administrations and with the support of Epicentr K, encourage their physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as contributing to their overall development.