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Real Madrid

Statement on LaLiga Impulso Project


Today, the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) called us to a meeting with the CSD itself, the president of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol and the president of LaLiga, due to be held on the same day.
We trusted that at said meeting, the CSD would be able to adopt decisions in order to avoid the eventual approval of a project we believe to be flagrantly ilegal, in the form of the LaLiga Impulso Project which, should it come to pass, would lead to the litigation of Spanish football.
However, having convened said meeting, the CSD informed us that they lack the powers to make any decisions on the LaLiga Impulso Project and its legal grounds, expressly inviting us to turn to the ordinary justice system.

In this context, Athletic Club, F. C. Barcelona and Real Madrid, having consulted the position with the president of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol, who shares the stance of the cited clubs:
a) believe today's meeting proposed by the CSD should be postponed and held at such time as the CSD (i) has had the appropriate time to assess the flagrant irregularities of the LaLiga Impulso Project and (ii) confirms that it possesses the authority to act in exercise of its supervisory functions;
b) regret that LaLiga continues to encourage the approval of a project we believe to be flagrantly illegal and which seriously harms the interests of Spanish football at large, devised on the basis of exploiting the television rights which belong to each of the clubs that may participate in LaLiga over the next 50 years, not to LaLiga itself, and at a time when, as a result of the padnemic, many of the current associated members are in a position of powerlessness, uncertainty and weakness. Should the agreement be approved, we will file the appropriate legal action, whatever that may be; and
c) we reiterate our willingness to participate in as many meetings as necessary, provided they are intended to assess solutions which abide by our legislatory framework in every respect, in order to help reach the consensus which Spanish football so desperately needs in a climate of open dialogue.