Abbott y la Fundación Real Madrid celebran el Día Mundial del Niño

World Children's Day celebrated by Abbott and the Real Madrid Foundation with sport and healthy nutrition at the heart of the celebrations

NEWS STORY. 22/11/2021

More than 300 children attended a football clinic at Real Madrid City.

Abbott and the Real Madrid Foundation welcomed a group of more than 300 children and their families to Real Madrid City for a football clinic aimed at improving their sporting skills, as well as learning positive values and learning about how good nutrition can help them be healthier. As part of the World Children's Day celebrations, the clinic was the first to be organised by the Real Madrid Foundation with American players since the pandemic prevented them from travelling in 2019 and 2020. Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations, welcomed them.

Coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation, endorsed by the club's Sports Department and specially trained in the methodology run the clinic. The technical improvement clinics provide players with training and help them to develop and improve their game and their values, in accordance with the Real Madrid Foundation's methodology. The children, who have travelled from various parts of the United States, get to spend a week improving their technical football skills. Abbott, the official health nutrition sponsor of Real Madrid and a global partner of the Real Madrid Foundation, will for the first time provided a workshop as part of the clinic activities.

Sport and healthy nutrition
The workshop was delivered by Dr Hakim Bouzamondo, vice president of Abbott's global research and development nutrition business, and was focused on the importance of nutrition to nourish the body and optimise performance, while learning about areas such as endurance and hydration. "Our involvement in this clinic is just another step in Abbott and the Real Madrid Foundation's quest to improve the health and nutrition of children around the world," explained Dr Ricardo Rueda, researcher and regional head of Scientific Affairs for Abbott in Spain.

During the clinic, Emilio Butragueño said: "As well as improving the children's technical abilities in football, we want to share with them Real Madrid's fundamental values such as fair play, respect and teamwork, as well as the importance of an ongoing commitment and the desire to excel, which are important both on and off the pitch.

Teams and groups return to the Foundation's clinics at Real Madrid City for the first time in 20 months.

A joint celebration of World Children's Day kicked off on 20 November with a visit to Abbott's nutritional research and development facilities in Granada by a group of children from the Real Madrid Foundation's school in Cordoba. The children were taken around the R&D laboratories where they took part in a hands-on scientific activity and learned more about the importance of nutrition for good health.

Dr Ruedas remarked: "Children are our greatest future resource. Making sure they have a chance in life starts with good health and nutrition from the start and throughout their developmental years. We want children around the world to be aware of how important good nutrition is to keep them healthy and help them achieve their big ambitions.

These clinics are the first activities in Madrid with children following the recent signing of a three-year partnership between Abbott and Real Madrid. This collaboration encompasses educational, sports and social welfare activities to support at-risk children. Real Madrid's sponsorship will also involve supporting the nutrition of the men's, women's and youth teams, as well as innovation and new product development. The partnership will run until the end of the 2023-2024 football season.