Real Madrid-Estrella Roja

Laso: “It was a demanding match, but we managed to pull it off”

NEWS STORY. 18/11/2021

“I’m in a winning team and I’m enjoying myself”, said Hanga after the win against the Serbian side.

Pablo Laso and Adam Hanga analysed Real Madrid’s win against Estrella Roja on Round 11 of the EuroLeague. After the game, the coach said: “I have the feeling that as head coach that I should be critical of my team because of the first half. Nevertheless, I believe that it would be quite absurd from me not to understand that it was the fourth match in seven days and that it was difficult to get into the game. I want to congratulate the team for the win, because I think it was a demanding match, but we managed to pull it off. I’m pleased with the win that saw us get better as the game progressed”.

“Our first half wasn’t good, but the best thing about it was probably the score, as we were tied. We felt we committed many mistakes in defence and had the feeling we didn’t control the game. And when we connected three or four good defensive plays and three or four good offensive moves, we managed to open up a big lead and handled it quite well until the end. In the second half, we tired the opponent and moved the ball around much better, which allowed us to create more assists. We were much better in attack. The team was better organised and that really helped us in the second half”.

“We have a very good winning record and we go to sleep at the top of the table tonight. It doesn't mean anything and I still think the EuroLeague is really demanding. But it speaks volumes about the team. If you have this winning record at this point, you’ve done a lot of things right. I'm very pleased, but we still lack continuity in our game. The schedule doesn't allow us to rest, train and improve. The matches are very tiring and we’re in the middle of a tough period. We have some important players out, who give us more with the rotations, but it’s a job that starts from the first day of the season”.

Rudy’s role
“He knows how to handle himself very well. It’d be nice for him to not have any physical problems. He had a very good game on Friday, on Sunday he wasn’t so good against Fuenlabrada but he’s been decisive in the two games this week. We always expect the best from Rudy and in the big games he gives us a lot of things that I value besides points. I'm glad that people value Rudy's work and let's hope he doesn't have fitness problems because we know how much he gives to the team”.

Hanga: “I’m enjoying myself here”
“The important thing isn’t so much the standings, but how we’re improving. Today we had a very tough game, just like the other day. It was hard to pull it off, but we can't complain about the calendar. Our team’s built for this. There’re two more games before the break and we have to win them both. We’re leaders in the league and EuroLeague and that means we’re doing well”.

Hanga in top form
“I’m enjoying myself here, playing in a different position. I try to defend well and adapt to the team. Some days I succeed more and some days less, but the important thing is that I'm in a winning team. I want to win every game”.
On Rudy
“He is a very talented player. He can change the game in a moment. He’s a true example for the rest”.