Firma de renovación con la Universidad Rostov

Rostov's Don State Technical University renew collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation

NEWS | 07/06/2021

70 children in vulnerable situations benefited from the joint social sporting project for the seventh season in a row.
Almost five hundred boys and girls, have benefited from the social sporting school run by the Real Madrid Foundation in Rostov, Russia, in collaboration with the Don State Technical University.

Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid, and Enrique Sánchez, Executive Vice-President of the Foundation, celebrated the renewal of the collaboration with a telematic meeting with the Rector of the prestigious university, Besarion Meskhi, and his Vice-Rector for Youth Policy, Andrey Guskov.

Butragueño expressed his thanks to the university for all their efforts in providing care for the youngsters during the pandemic, guaranteeing their online connection. He also emphasised the magnificent psychosocial work carried out to supplement the social sporting activity in order to help the participants and their families. "Over the years almost 3,000 people have benefited indirectly from the project and we are hopeful that the number will increase every year", he said. Besarion Meskhi indicated: "We're very proud of this partnership, we're the only university in Russia with such a project with the Real Madrid Foundation".